About Us

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KWT is owned and operated by long-time Sapphire Coast and Kiah locals, Jenny and Arthur Robb.

Jenny has lived at Kiah for over 37 years and Arthur for around 22.
Many hours have been spent exploring the beautiful Kiah river – mostly by kayak.
We know the river, its tides, its deep pools and shallows, its birds and fish, its wonders.

Come and explore it with us – at your own pace.

Experience and Training:

Both Jenny and Arthur have paddled kayaks on this river for over 18 years and are Qualified Flatwater Kayak Guides under Australian Canoeing (Paddle NSW).

Our business is growing and so is our new walking tour – Light to Light Camps – so we’re looking to grow our team. If you – or someone you know – is keen to work with us, just check out what we’re after here and get in touch.

The River:

We call it ‘the Kiah’, but the official name is the Towamba River. It begins as a number of small mountain streams in the Australian alps that all feed into the system.

Its floods are rare but spectacular, thought to be the fastest rising river on the eastern seaboard.
It is known as a special place in local Aboriginal culture and significant in European culture.

The Place:

The ‘locality’ of Kiah is on the Far South Coast of NSW – the Sapphire Coast, just south of beautiful Eden on Twofold Bay. Our property is 26 ha of mostly Australian eucalypt forest with towering trees and diverse wildlife.

Perfect habitat for cute wallabies, fat wombats, possums, echidna, the odd goanna, and over 65 species of birds including the azure kingfisher, superb lyrebird and white-breasted sea eagle.

Getting there:
We are on the beautiful Sapphire Coast of NSW, right between Sydney and Melbourne on the Far South Coast of NSW. We’re only about 30km north of the Victorian border.

Our address is 1167 Princes Highway, exactly 11.67km south of the Eden Post Office. Our driveway is graded gravel, approx. 250m long. 2WD can easily do it. This link will help you to find us and we’ll give you more detail (if needed) when you book.

Registered Office:

1167 Princes Highway, Kiah NSW 2551, Australia
ABN: 3163 430 7843.


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