Took a few hits but it made us stronger

We’ve been pretty quiet, we know. Understandable really. First the fire – then a flood – and then Covid-19. It’s been a pretty traumatic start to the year. All “parts” of our multi-faceted little business were impacted:

  • the caravan storage shed burnt down as well as the shed we store our kayaks and camping gear in;
  • the National Park where we ran our Light to Light Walk tours was burnt and the Walking track has been decimated. It may be over 12 months till it’s re-established;
  • the log bridge to our second YouCamp campsite was burnt so we can’t get across the creek to even mow it at the moment; and of course
  • we can’t run our kayak tours until the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

“It’s been pretty hard, but we’ve had so much support – overwhelming and heartwarming! We’ll get through winter and be raring to go in Spring!” 

We’ve been busy

The lockdown hasn’t been all bad. There have been many positives. It’s given us some time to:

  • recover mentally from a pretty traumatic time, to lower our stress levels and breathe again;
  • buy and arrange delivery of a large shipping container for a short-term storage solution;
  • deal with Government grants and other stuff like accountants and booking refunds (there were lots!) and insurance claims;
  • organise delivery of some water and re-installing poly pipe down to the campsites;
  • organise removal of burnt debris which meant sorting stuff we thought we’d try to resurrect;
  • re-establish our burnt gardens – that meant removing about 10 trailer loads of dead wood and foliage and replanting a stack of new things (we’ve been given so many new plants!). It also included buying new gardening gear such as a ride-on and push mower, whipper snipper and various tools;
  • design and buy a new garage and 2 new big sheds – the garage should be done by next week (yay!). The big sheds will follow after the debris removal.

What’s next?

Things are looking up and we think travel restrictions will be eased soon. So that means you can start thinking about your next Sapphire Coast holiday. Our tours are normally pretty quiet in the colder months but Spring is awesome for kayaking so why not book now and secure your spot. Or grab a Gift Voucher – you’ve got three (3) years from date of purchase to redeem!

We honestly can’t wait to see you all again. The river is looking clear, the birds are back in good numbers and we’ll have some fresh muffins and coffee ready for you.

So easy to book online or buy a Gift Voucher – just go to and click on the Book Now button 🙂