We’ve seen so many busy birds of prey over the river lately.  Some teaching their young how to fish and others just watching us from their perch in a tall tree, as we slowly paddle past.  The most common raptor we see is the magnificent White-Bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster)– Australia’s 2nd largest raptor.

This beautiful bird can be identified as:

  • white on the head, rump and underparts and dark grey on the back and wings
  • in flight, the black flight feathers on the wings are easily seen when viewed from below
  • large hooked grey bill with darker tip
  • dark brown eyes
  • legs and feet cream-white, with long black talons (claws)
  • the sexes are similar – Males 2.5kg – 3.7kg and females slightly smaller at 2.8kg – 4.2kg
  • wingspan – a magnficient 1.8m- 2m (that’s big!)

Ref:  Birds in Backyards website (https://www.birdsinbackyards.net/species/Haliaeetus-leucogaster)

Our kayak tours operate from our private property at Kiah, just over 10 minutes south of Eden, 30 minutes from Merimbula and 45 minutes from Bega on the Far South Coast of NSW.