Ready? We are! The season is almost here and we’re ready to hit the water. And we’ve got a brand new tour for all the early risers out there. Our Sunrise and Brekky Tour opens a window to a breathtakingly beautiful scene. Where you glide quietly along the pristine river, the mist still rising as the sun slowly creeps over the distant tall eucalypts. It’s heaven for photographers.

This is the time we hit the water ourselves if we have no tours booked. Words can’t describe the feeling. Crisp clear air. A quietness of landscape that is brought to life with a chorus of multiple bird species, all performing in nature’s orchestra.

It is truly mindblowing and you can now enjoy it with us. We are on the water before sunrise, paddling or cruising for around 2 hours before returning to camp for a delicious healthy breakfast consisting of local XO Foods muesli, Tilba Real Dairy Yoghurt, berry compote and a home-cooked savoury muffin. All enjoyed with a juice and/or plunge Byron Bay Coffee or tea.

What a wonderful way to start your day.

Book now. Minimum 4 per tour, maximum 6.