It’s been a hot and dry start to 2017 – but it’s easy to escape the heat by hitting the water. Just being on the water on a kayak gives you much needed respite from the incessant heat. And the good news is that on our tours, swimming is an easy optional extra – at no extra cost!

Oh my God! How clear and clean is the water?! I just love the sandy bottom. So glad I wore my swimmers….

As Australia swelters with record-breaking top temperatures, our patch of paradise is like an oasis in comparison with our inland areas. Family and friends in Canberra and the Riverina, the only escape seems to be an air conditioned house or shopping centre. How lucky are we? Our temperatures have been higher than usual – but are still very easy to take – and that gentle sea breeze always takes the edge off.

I’m not much of a swimmer, but that dip was just so beautiful. I’ve never seen a river so clean.

As our region is strongly influenced by the massive East Australia Current, warm tropical waters make swimming on the Sapphire Coast a very attractive option during the months of February – April. These waters are even warmer as they move into the river on the incoming tides – and at the moment the water is an enticing 20-24 degrees.

Whether you want to be on the water or in it, our tours are for you. Booking is easy – just click here and you’re there!