Love camping, but hate sharing?

Well have we got news for you – and it’s all good.

As campers ourselves, we know how hard it is for you to find a campsite that is:

  • in a great location, preferably near water;
  • level and even better – grassy;
  • offers a bit of shade – but not too much;
  • has a campfire pit;
  • is quiet and peaceful;

You consider it an absolute bonus if you find all this and then realise you’re on your own – empty or almost empty campsite. What a shock!

You have the whole campsite to yourselves 🙂


What’s YouCamp?

YouCamp is a clever platform allowing private property owners to offer visitors a unique setting to set up a campsite as an alternative to a regular caravan park. YouCamp camps vary greatly – from a bit of space in a great big paddock, to beautifully manicured sites with supporting infrastructure. Some are very remote – others not far from large metropolitan areas.

The good news for you is that we now have two level, grassy campsites available through YouCamp. Both are riverside, but they are also different in several ways and both sites are equally as popular with our return guests.

When you book a site through YouCamp, everyone in your group – as well as the property owner – is covered by $30 million public liability insurance. This security has enabled more and more property owners to get the mower out and trim up a bit of paddock, and earn a few extra dollars for the effort. 

We’ve met some wonderful people since we put our place on YouCamp. Single travellers wandering the country alone, couples on little getaways, young families and multi-generational groups. 

We will never be a caravan park and sometimes block sites for our friends and family 🙂

If you want to know more about YouCamp, direct all queries to them here

kayak tour + camping = a great little getaway