Our full day kayak tours take us from our usual starting point to the end of the road – or the river in our case – where the river meets the magnificent deep harbour called Twofold Bay. Entering the river on the outgoing tide, we take it steady and stop at one of our favourite spots along the way to enjoy a quick coffee or tea and yummy morning tea before continuing onto where the river becomes a wide expanse as it nears the mouth.

We pass towering eucalypts and the best Sea Eagle nest location in the region – right on the edge of the river

We pass some real gems along the way, including the world’s best natural source of Sydney Rock Oysters and the best Sea Eagle nest location in the district (a towering eucalypt right on the edge of the river). Just past here we encounter an adult pair with their beautiful white chest feathers and formidable beaks who watch us from up high in a neighbouring tree as we drift along beneath them.

We navigate around a huge sand island and slowly make our way to the mouth before pulling our kayaks up on the sandy beach near Davidson’s Whaling Station. After exploring this unique location and hearing some of the stories of Killer Whales and the famous whalemen of Twofold Bay, our paddlers can take a quick dip in the crystal clear waters or just chill out and immerse themselves in this magic place. Lunch is served right on the beach – and the only complaint is that there’s usually too much food – but we’ve gotta fuel up for the trip home!

We ride the incoming tide for a slow and easy trip home, immersed in this amazing wilderness landscape

By now the tide has well and truly turned and we’re about to ride the incoming current on an easy run home. We’re all a little tired by now but it’s nice to just drift along and take in the scenery, and watch the shorebirds with their long pointy bills picking up morsels along the edge.

We are back home by early – mid afternoon, feeling complete at our achievement. Paddling around 19km is a great day’s work, which makes this tour something for those wanting an experience like no other and more than ‘just a quick paddle’. We traverse from the calm waters of our location upriver to the wide expanse of the estuarine waters nearer the open ocean, with all its wildness and majesty. Yet the tour doesn’t mean tackling swells and waves – it’s the best of both worlds without the danger.

White Bellied Sea Eagles

A pair of majestic White Bellied Sea Eagles

Sea Eagle nest

Best house on the street (or river!)

Our Full Day tours are only offered when the tides are right. We go out with the outgoing tide; we come home on the incoming tide. So you will be happily tired when you finish but you’ll take home a feeling of great accomplishment. Get out of your comfort zone and join us on a trip of a lifetime.  Book online here.