Silly us. So many small business owners work hard all year and then forget to take that well-earned break before the next peak season rolls around.

Anyone in business in a holiday destination such as the beautiful Sapphire Coast of NSW in Australia knows that Summer and Autumn can be crazy busy! So much more to think about: staff ratios, paying holiday rates, demanding customers, keeping up with stock and so on. It’s easy to get bogged down with detail – and the result is a decrease in productivity. You start feeling like you are not achieving anything. It all seems too much and you know Christmas is around the corner and it will be bedlam.

Nobody is productive when they are burnt out.  And the benefits of taking a break are plentiful according to research conducted by Macquarie University.  A break can mean whatever you make of it: even a break in routine can be refreshing. Take an hour, take a few hours, take a lunch break! Go right out on a limb and take an afternoon off.

Better still: take a whole day off. Get away from the phone, the computer, the staff, the shop and hide away just out of town on a kayak tour with us.  We’ll indulge you. We’ll care for you and make sure you are comfortable and happy throughout the tour. We’ll even do our best to keep your feet dry.  You can be fussy about morning tea, too. If you want coffee with 1 sugar but not too strong and soy milk please, that’s okay, we have it covered.  If you want a break, we take a break. It’s nature at your pace – and we recommend a slow pace.

Give us a call. 0429 961 047.  Or book online. We’ll hear from you soon.Morning tea is served on the sandy river bank