Wellness in the wilderness

The popularity of all things ‘wellness‘ is a reflection of the type of society we have evolved into. Our lives have become a daily juggle amongst too many commitments. Getting away from your routine (which may or may not include your family), immersing yourself in nature, inhaling fresh air (and campfire smoke hehe) is known to be very therapeutic for anyone feeling ‘locked in’.

Without being accused of generalising, we can’t ignore the fact that groups of women far outnumber groups of blokes wanting to ‘escape’ their boring or busy lifestyles. Not going to psychoanalyse that – we just accept it as a fact.

Seeking balance in all its concepts

Successful people are often busy people. And the clever ones know how important a work-life balance is to their general wellbeing. Getting away from your usual routine stimulates the brain and improves productivity so that short break can often bring about even greater achievements.

Many of our visitors have escaped their tiny office in a larger centre in an effort to reduce stress levels where there is little  traffic, no crowds, and fresh air.

As part of the optional extras for our new Escape Weekends, we have engaged Sasha Ryzy from Alignment Within. Sasha is my personal Pilates trainer but she has so much more to offer with a full package of wellness programs to suit everyone. I can guarantee you will feel refreshed and balanced after a session with Sasha – especially when you enjoy it amongst nature.

Sasha Ryzy
Sasha has over 12 years experience in the health and fitness industry and works hard to set a high standard of Pilates and grow the positive culture around lifelong learning in the Pilates industry. Sasha is also a Professional Snowboarding athlete and Australian Institute of Sport scholarship holder. In her spare time she enjoys travelling with her husband and two boys, and keeps the adrenalin going with snowboarding and surfing. Don’t let these credentials scare you off. At over 60 years, I felt comfortable from Day #1 with Sasha. I had never done Pilates before, but every aspect of her delivery is professional and delivered so as to enable all levels of fitness and flexibility to participate and benefit. And you always feel so good – and balanced – after a session.
Sasha was born in Bega to German parents. Her father was a skiing instructor in Perisher and her mum was also an avid skier. Summer was spent in Eden, where her dad was an abalone dive during summer, the family retreating back to the snow in winter. Sasha was on skis at 18 months – probably the youngest skier in Australia at the time (if not still).
She went to school in Eden and completed her last 3 years in Melbourne at Toorak College, where she trained and competed in the school ski squad. Sasha headed to Austria straight after school, becoming a skiing instructor. It was here she discovered snowboarding. Sasha chased the snow season as a Professional Snowboarder. She casually mentions competing in World Cups (plural!) and holding the title of Australian Freestyle Snowboard champion for several years.


Sasha’s long list of qualifications will leave you in no doubt about her ability to help you align – within!
  • Cert IV Pilates Instructor
  • Cert IV Personal Trainer Master Trainer
  • Cert III in Fitness Gym Instructor
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Certificate with Les Mills and Mossa Group.
  • Certificate Ride/Centergy/Power/CX Worx
  • Punch Fit Instructor
  • Punch Pad Instructor

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Feel free to call if you have any queries: 0429 961047. This is the product of a swift “pivot” of our kayak business using gear from our walking tour business 🙂


Sasha Ryzy
Sasha Ryzy