2020 with all its challenges gave us a chance to learn a bunch of new things, sort stuff that’s been in the ‘too hard basket’, explore our local area a bit more….and to eat.

And when you’re in isolation and too spooked by Covid-19 to go out for dinner, you start obsessing about great local food. Okay so I’ve managed to cook up a few storms – let’s face it there’s been plenty of time for it. But you just can’t beat having someone else prepare a delicious meal for you especially if it features fresh local produce.

“We really really miss a good meal prepared by someone else!” [Jenny, KWT Owner/Operator]

We have some great food suppliers around here: quality bakers, fresh fruit and veg, local free-range eggs, ‘real’ milk and dairy and of course fresh local seafood including varieties of fish, oysters and mussels as well as award-winning smoked products from Eden Smokehouse. A delicious and healthy meal finished in your own kitchen and enjoyed with great friends is even more unique if it’s eaten in a private riverfront campsite. 

Enjoy a delicious prepared meal around the campfire – add good company and drinks of choice. #nostreetlights 🙂

And that’s why we’re working with Destiny, Elaine and team from A Pinch of Yum. This gang know their way around a kitchen and how to adapt to each client’s needs. And we’ve been preparing campsite meals for years – you will not go hungry 🙂 and we can guarantee the quality and taste with A Pinch of Yum.

a pinch of yum
A pinch of yum
A pinch of yum
A pinch of yum


“A Pinch of Yum” is a small family catering business with Elaine and her daughter Destiny as lynch pins. We first met them a few years ago – they seemed to pop up at the best little food events. Their work was consistently good enough to draw our attention. Then we engaged them for a small media event and once again….all class.

We went straight to Elaine & Destiny for catering ideas for our new Escape weekends. It was a no brainer. [Jen, KWT Owner]

Elaine fell in love with cooking early in her life studying commercial cookery and then sharing food with family and friends, eventually turning that hobby into owning a cafe for 7 years. From there Elaine worked for a while in a local cafe before realising she really wanted do something for herself again. A Pinch of Yum was born.

Destiny followed in the family footsteps, growing up with her mum and dad’s cafe. She showed her artistic qualities at an early age and chased a career where she could combine food and creativity. She managed to fit in a few years in corporate and event catering in Queensland before returning to the Sapphire Coast and having two children, the youngest less than a year old.

Destiny says her favourite thing about catering is the people: their own fantastic team who make it all a lot of fun and “cooking for people and seeing them enjoy and share our food at events never gets old, and it’s always lovely to hear that the food was the best part of their experience”.

Want to know more about our Escapes weekends? Just go to the Escapes tab on the home page or click on this link 🙂

Feel free to call if you have any queries: 0429 961047. This is the product of a swift “pivot” of our kayak business using gear from our walking tour business 🙂

PHOTO CREDITS ‘A Pinch of Yum’