Staying positive is hard in a pandemic

When I was little, my mum nicknamed me Pollyanna after the character in a well known book, originally published in 1913.

Pollyanna was a young girl who played “The Glad Game” – where you find something to be glad about – no matter how bad things seem. Being positive and optimistic has always been second nature to me. Throughout my childhood, both of my parents encouraged a “never say die” attitude and we were always discouraged from being openly negative.

But then again, I have never experienced a year like 2020 in my 60+ years. So right now, this “Pollyanna” is struggling to stay glad.



It’s a bit “one step forward, three steps back”

We really did feel okay once we got over the shock of the fires in January. Not suggesting we weren’t emotionally affected. Everyone in our entire South Coast region was affected. But we survived; our house survived; we had insurance; we were helped with some grants to get us back on our feet. It could have been so much worse. And we started getting a few tour and campsite bookings. We were very excited about the coming Easter holidays.

Just when we thought we were back on track, Covid hit. We were locked down and we couldn’t run tours – or take campsite bookings.

The government stimulus package kicked in so we knew we’d keep up with bills for at least a few months, factoring in the complete closure of one part of our business –  Light to Light Camps. This walking / camping tour operated in the Ben Boyd National Park and the section of park we used is closed for up to 2 years because of severe impact from the fires.

It’s mid July 2020 and Covid-19 is running amok in both Victoria and NSW. The authorities are trying to stay positive with a “we are prepared for the worst, wishing for the best” . Who knows how things will be by the end of August. We are watching the news daily – and taking lots of deep breaths in the hope things will turn the corner soon.

Cherie & sister
Family smiling
Couple smiling on kayaks

We’ll be rearing to go in Spring!

Despite all this, Pollyanna is still poking her cheeky little face into our world and encouraging us to stay positive in the lead up to our next kayak season from September onwards.

Here are a few of the more positive things we are taking from 2020 so far:

  • Covid didn’t happen until after we’d dealt with the bushfire threat. Phew. Fire-fighting whilst social distancing would have been a very scary prospect;
  • Tourism has been turned on its head of course – but the good news is that domestic tourists are flocking to regional areas. Those who were planning to head overseas are now looking inward and finding lots of reasons to get in the car and explore their own country;
  • Locals are actually getting out and about in their own regions and in our particular area, experiencing all the natural beauty we have to offer. Social distancing is super easy here – there are 1,000s of hectares of beautiful National Parks, 100s of beaches, kilometres of walking tracks to exercise in.
  • We have a Covid-safe Plan and we’ve tested it! We were worried about the operational aspect but it all worked really well – the river is wide enough for plenty of distancing between our kayaks 🙂


The take out message

So after a good old whinge about the challenges 2020 has thrown our way, we still have a beautiful property, on a beautiful river. Just every now and then we have to have a moment of feeling sorry for ourselves 🙂

We still have lovely, level, grassy campsites where families can get away from the stress of life and have some down time around a campfire.

And you can still grab a Kayak Tour Gift Voucher and you have three (3) years to redeem it. By then, Covid-19 will be in the past and life might even be back to how we knew it.

Thanks always for your continued support. You guys are what keeps us going.

Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages for inspirational videos and photos. This place will always be very beautiful and we’ll be so keen to take you touring as soon as the weather warms a little.