Flooded river

We were told…..

For many years, climate scientists have warned us about the effects of climate change. Too many of our leaders have been complacent, ignorant and consistently denying the science.

Kayak sign

The one message that rang true to us every time was this: with climate change, comes an increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather. We will have to deal with:

  • increasingly higher temperatures
  • sea level rise and increased incidence of sea surge
  • increasingly intense and frequent storms and cyclones
  • increasing frequency of floods and record-breaking flood levels and of course….
  • increased likelihood of devastating bushfires.

Those in charge have not listened

It’s even more ironic to us hat throughout a pandemic, the leaders had no option but to listen to the science, to the experts – it was a clear case of “ignore at your peril“.

The difference to the way our governments have reacted to medical science over their reaction to climate science in this instance was merely a sense of urgency.

A pandemic such as Covid-19 has to be acted on immediately and with drastic measures. Had they ignored the science, our country would not have fared as well as it has.

Why then do they continue to bury their heads in the sand and ignore the science on climate change?

Flooded river

The impact will be as severe as any pandemic – but more wide-reaching and much much longer lasting.

“There’s no denying the fact that our business has been directly impacted by the extreme weather patterns brought on by climate change.”

[Jenny Robb, Owner/Operator, KWT]

What does the future hold?

When we started this business in 2014, we listed the effects of climate change amongst many risk factors. It was down the bottom of the list actually – we knew it was happening – and happening too quickly. But we really had no idea it would impact us with such severity.

In the last 18 months, we have withstood the Black Summer bushfires (burnt our entire property with only the house saved) and six (yes 6!) floods.

On top of Covid, these incidents have forced us to close our tours on so many occasions, we feel like we’re unemployed.

Maintaining our mental health and well-being is now our #1 priority. #2 is continuing to respond to the elements and trying to adapt our business model and marketing around that.

Thank you

We’d like to thank our loyal customers – and our support network. Too often we’ve had to call people who’ve booked a tour or a campsite to advise we’ll have to cancel and refund them.100% they have been so understanding and empathetic that it has warmed our hearts and kept us going.

Thank you – we will take a few breaks during winter and return with renewed energy in Spring.

We hope to see you all then 🙂