We were pretty chuffed when Mark Adams from Adventure as Usual website asked if he could feature a page for our kayak tours. We are now proudly featured amongst some of the most amazing destinations and more importantly – outdoor adventures – in the world.

After scrolling through the website, we see that we are in great company including a post about one of our favourite travel destinations – the Pantanal wetlands in Brazil. We were lucky enough to venture across to Sth America several years ago and were amazed to see jaguars in the wild along the riverbanks. Even more excited when we witnessed nature at its most lethal – a jaguar attacking and killing a large caiman right in front of us. Luckily we managed to record it on video and it’s now uploaded to YouTube. (Be aware, there is a shocked expletive uttered during this film!).

The more we trolled through Mark’s website, the more we realised it is made for people like us. We just love getting amongst nature, going on adventures in remote and wonderful places, exploring our own beautiful National Parks and hiking amongst mountains.

Check it our for your next travel destination – just make sure we’re on that list!

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