The finished product! Yummo flathead, chips & salad.

Yummo flathead, chips & salad.

We had our first ‘fishing tour’ this week and what a successful tour it was!  A young Melbourne couple asked if they could bring their rods, and the rest is history.

Want to fish on tour? Just let us know beforehand.  A few rules apply:

  • Please bring your own rods, tackle and a bucket – preferably with lid – to keep the fish in!
  • Please DO NOT use bait – flathead LOVE soft plastics! And we don’t like the smell of bait…
  • Please bring a net and gloves, and any other hardware required
  • If you want to take the booty home, a small esky in your car is useful
  • And lastly, do you have a Fishing Licence?

Make sure you let us know from the start that you want to fish.  What are you waiting for?