Gawd – Mother’s Day is looming and you’re stuck for a gift idea – yes? Worry no more. You could buy her a lovely bunch of flowers – that’s a given. But seriously – for her Mother’s Day gift – does she really need more ‘stuff’?

Buy Mum one of our Gift Vouchers for a kayak tour and let’s get her on a yak! Don’t worry, we’ll make sure we pamper her. She’ll have an awesome time, she can paddle at the pace she wants (most of our paddlers like it ‘slow’!), be treated to a warm lemongrass infused hand towel before indulging in a yummy morning tea or lunch, complete with her favourite hot (or cold) drink. Imagine that, relaxing on a sandy beach in the wilderness where she can just enjoy some down time in the beautiful outdoors.

So many of us are guilty of giving things when the gift of an unforgettable experience creates lasting happy memories.

You could even come with her – last year we took a lucky mum, with her 2 daughters and little grandson and they had a ball. She can take the tour at any time she wants so you can still take her out to lunch on the big day.

Give us a call on 0429 961 047 so we can organise a nice Gift Voucher (complete with glossy gold envelope) for you to slip inside her Mother’s Day card.  She’ll be stoked – and you’ll be the favourite child (for a day at least).

Happy Mum on a yak