Preparing for the unknown

We hope you guys are all well in these crazy Covid-19 times. This year has tested the resolve of us all but we will rise again! We’ve endured catastrophic fires and a mini flood but in all honesty, it’s the complete unknowns that we find the most challenging. As restrictions ease and travel begins to open up, we are naturally very keen to get back into business. We don’t really know what the future holds in terms of when we can welcome you back – and how we can restart our business but you can rest assured we’re working hard to make it happen.

Obviously the safety of our guests – and ourselves – is front and centre in our minds always. So these are the things that are going through our minds as we dream of the better days ahead:

Will be even be able to take anyone on a kayak tour this year? Physical distancing rules will be tested – but we’ll be sticking to the rules to enable us to run the tours safely – as we have in the past. We are so determined to get you back on the water!

How will we deal with the challenges? We are constantly reviewing and revising our plans based on the latest advice. This is the plan as of today:

  • We have to fit you guys with a PFD (personal flotation device). This is almost impossible to do without touching at least your clothes. (Possible solution: we show you how to put it on and you do this yourselves.)
  • We have to drive you from our office/house to the river. Not a long way – it takes about 2 minutes. But we normally fill the car to maximum capacity. (Possible solution: we just do a couple of trips so you can be distanced in the car)
  • After we’ve given our safety talk and a dry-land demonstration of the paddling technique, one of our guides helps each guest into their kayak. This requires being much closer than 1.5m. (Possible solution: the Guide wears a face mask and both guest and Guide use hand sanitiser immediately after launch)

The coffee and muffin / lunch part is easy

Thankfully, we’ve worked out how to serve the food and coffee! Here’s what we plan to do:

  • We enjoy our delicious food and drinks on a sandy river bank – where there’s plenty of space! Even with our current maximum of 10 guests per tour, we can easily cope with 1.5m spacing.
  • We always have used hand sanitiser – and have plenty in stock (!). So we will ensure that all our guests – and ourselves – use it before we hand them their coffee/tea. And we always serve our food in separate wraps so we think we have that covered as well.

We’ll keep updating you as new data is released. We are so grateful that our collective governments have listened to the science (we think they should always do this!) and enforced the necessary measures to minimise the impact of this deadly virus.

Our big hope is for a vaccine to be tested and released for mass use as soon as possible. In the meantime, don’t forget us. Somehow we will make this work and you will be able to join us on our beautiful river again one day.

In the meantime, thanks so much for your support!!

Cheers for now, Jen & Arthur

(P.S. Arthur is actually happy we’re not running tours. He is busy rebuilding our burnt sheds and is a busy man 🙂
Image courtesy Neil Rankin, Rankin Builders