We take people on kayak tours. On a beautiful tidal river with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. There’s lots of birds, lots of fish to see, the occasional stingray to watch and the kayaks are so easy to paddle that even little kids can do it.

But what sets our tours apart are the TNTs – “Tiny Noticeable Things” that no other tour offers. Our tours are not just tours.

They are memorable experiences.

You only have to read some of our Trip Advisor reviews to gain an understanding of what sets us apart. Here is a snapshot:

  • the hot towels. Lemongrass-infused and warmed for your comfort. Freshen up after your paddle and before you indulge in your delicious morning tea. It’s a touch of luxury in the wilderness.
  • our muffins. Really. We make home-cooked white chocolate and mixed berry muffins and they are mentioned in so many of our reviews that they have become world famous. We might just have to share the recipe. One day.
  • our coffee. Remember this is served on a remote sandy beach on the river. You can’t get there unless you go by boat, or kayak. We hate instant coffee so we serve delicious plunge coffee – to the strength you like. So if you want strong coffee, you get strong coffee. Real coffee. Just the trick when you’ve been on the water for an hour so in the morning.
  • the river. Words can’t describe it. It really is that beautiful. It’s clean, it’s sandy-bottomed, you can see the fish zooming along under the kayak, it changes on every twist and turn it takes. But you have to see it to believe it.
  • the photos. We take photos of every moment of your tour and then send them all to you to keep. Memories you can revisit whenever you want.

Do yourself or your loved ones a favour. Book a memorable experience with us. Every one of our guests is treated like a V.I.P. Because you are that important to us.

It’s easy – just book online. Or give us a call 0429 961 047.  See you on the water soon.