Kayak Tours

Tour Descriptions

  • Half day tours for up to six (6) people (minimum 2) departing from – and returning to – our lovely grassed picnic area by the river. Start early and finish before lunch (morning tour) or start mid morning and enjoy lunch on the river (lunch tour).
  • Day Tours for up to four (4) people (minimum 2) downriver to the river mouth, where lunch will be served on the beach.  Take time out to wander around the famous Davidson’s Historic Whaling Station or have a swim before we return on the incoming tide.
  • 2 hour Family Tour using 1 x double kayak (1 adult + 1 child aged 4-10 years) and our single kayaks for children 8+ and adults. A wonderful way to get kids out in nature for a bit of light adventure in safety.
  • 2 hour Pre-Dawn & Brekky tour for up to six (6) people (minimum 4) watching the sun rise over the water. This is by far the best time of day to see the river. Follow that with a delicious breakfast served at the grassy picnic spot riverside.

We don’t rush. This is nature at your own pace.
If you want to stop and take photos or to fish or for a swim – just tell us.  The river is dotted with little sandy beaches so it’s easy to stop.

  • We can go upriver (1/2 day or family tours only) – where the water slowly becomes fresher and the azure kingfishers and Gippsland water dragons are often seen.
  • Or we can go downriver – where the water becomes clearer and saltier as it gets closer to Twofold Bay. You might spook a stingray or a flathead out of their hideout in the sand.

Your tour is unique.  We tailor it to suit your group so we need at least 24 hours notice.
Call now to book – 0429 961 047 or Book online here.

Tour Prices

Tour #1: Morning tour:  Cost $99 per person. Tour departs by 8am at the latest and returns at lunchtime.  Tour includes scrumptious morning tea of your preference. Minimum 2, maximum 6.

Tour #2: Lunch tour:  Cost $120 per person. Tour departs mid morning and returns mid afternoon. Tour includes delicious lunch including baguette followed by fruit or mini muffin, and beverage (non alcoholic) of your choice. Minimum 2, maximum 6.

Tour #3: Full day tour:  Cost $175 per person.  Tour departs by 8am, returning mid afternoon (depending on tides).  Tour includes morning tea and lunch of your preference.  Minimum 2, maximum 4.  (Only for reasonably fit and/or experienced paddlers).

Tour #4:  2 hour Family Tour:  Cost $340 per family.  Using double kayak – 1 x adult + 1 young child aged 4-10 years and single kayaks for ages 8 to 100 years.  Minimum 1 x double kayak + 3 single kayaks (i.e. 4 paddlers). Note: Minimum age for passenger on double kayak is 4 years.

Tour #5: 2 hour Pre-Dawn & BrekkyTour:  Cost $110 per person.  Seeing the river at its most beautiful – at sunrise. Minimum 4, maximum 6.

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