Kids love kayaks and our Family Tour is very popular during School Holidays. These tours are the perfect solution to keep boisterous young ones busy and bored teenagers out of their smart phones for a few hours.

We can cater for kids as young as four (4) years – one lucky parent (or guardian) gets to do all the work on the double kayak while the youngster either hinders the process trying to paddle, or just kicks back giving orders. Either way, the little one lucky enough to sit in that prime seating position is usually the one most likely to upset the whole tour with an impossible demand – so keeping them occupied (or asleep) is a good thing hehe.

“I can do it all by myself!” is a regular cry during Family Tours. We often give the little ones a quick ride on the single kayak in shallow water so they can show off their muscles. 

Family tours run for two (2) hours – allowing the group to explore a lengthy section of river. A tour often includes a quick dip when the days are warm and almost every family seems to love the competition of a stone skipping contest. In fact, there is usually some sort of contest, no matter how bizarre – because siblings are like that hehe. The one thing we do know – they just love this tour.

One teenager said: “well you know what? That’s the first time ever that I’m happy that I got up early for this tour. It was awesome.”

Easter School Holidays are upon us – so if you want to get a tour in before you head home, book through our online system trouble-free bookings.