Our favourite little bird, the Azure Kingfisher, was a little quiet at the start of the season with only a few sightings but last week’s tour saw a little beauty darting into the clear waters and coming up trumps.  Azure Kingfishers are only around 18cm high, with a bright blue back and wings, bright orange chest and red feet.  Their beak seems too long for their body, but it serves its purpose well.

The first sight of a ‘kingy’ is a bright blue flash flying at speed only 20cm above the surface of the river, then coming to a stop on an overhanging branch to watch for prey.  There’s a sudden dive and often with the aid of that long beak, the result is often a tasty feed of small fish or crutacean.

Our kayak tours are on the river 10 minutes from Eden, 30 minutes from Merimbula, 55 minutes from Bega or Mallacoota.