NSW Border closed

Let me tell you all about the years before 2020

Once upon a time, life was busy but rewarding. Our economy supported most Australians, our climate supported agriculture, seasonal fluctuations gave us occasional droughts, floods and a rare natural disaster like a cyclone. We are making history this year. Seriously. So many firsts. So much that’s been unprecedented. Just when we think things are settling, the NSW/Victorian border has been closed to help stem the Covid-19 outbreak around Melbourne.

“We were looking at our busiest Winter ever, but they’ve almost all cancelled now.” [Jenny, Kiah Wilderness Tours]

After all that, we’re still positive about the future

We’re doing our best to stay positive and look to a better future. But boy – oh – boy this year is testing us.

  • First the fires – cancelled all tours and campsite bookings;
  • Then a flood – cancelled all tours (incl. 4 fully booked cruise ship groups) and some campsite bookings;
  • Then Covid-19 Lockdown #1 – cancelled all tours and campsite bookings;
  • Then Winter School Holidays – Covid-19 threatens again and NSW / Victorian border closes;

Yesterday we are advised that a young person holidaying in the area had tested positive to Covid-19 so we have taken the hard decision to cancel our kayak tours for the time being. We had dined in the same venue so had a test and received our Negative results today (took only 24 hours). So of course, we will survive and be stronger – and we’ll be ready to welcome everyone for the start of our Spring tours.

Please – stay home and stay safe. We’ll welcome you with (virtual) open arms when the time is right. Meanwhile, here’s a sneak preview of our new weekend Escapes packages. Let us know if you’d like more detail – we like to offer flexibility in the way the weekend is packaged.