Doing our best to stay afloat!

Wow. Not sure what else this year is going to dish out to us but we are determined to stay afloat! In a snapshot:

  • we’ve dealt with the impending doom – and eventually massive and direct impact – of raging bushfires since New Years Eve 2019,
  • we’ve missed a whole bunch of booked tours due to the mini flood that followed in February, and now, due to the COVID 19 virus impacts…..
  • all the tours pre-booked by visiting cruise ships have all been cancelled for the month of March – and most likely April and May (which is the end of our season). In all that’s 12 ships we’ll miss this year.

So what is our response to the virus crisis:

Firstly, we have very few tours booked because people are reluctant to travel, but for those who do come for a tour, we have developed new policies and procedures to mitigate any risk to our guests – and to ourselves – of this virus. Briefly:

  • all kayak paddles will be cleaned with a bleach solution prior to use – the solution will be available at all times during the tour for use on any equipment our guests are likely to come into contact with;
  • all guests will be required to wash their hands thoroughly before beginning the tour;
  • all windows in vehicles transferring guests to the river will be open;
  • guides will be required to wear masks when in close contact with guests (i.e. when assisting guests onto and off kayaks and into water / out of water);
  • all guests and guides will be keep a distance of 1.5m or more from each other if and when possible. At other times, care will be taken regarding touching, any coughing or other action that is likely to spread the virus. If the group are close family/friends they may choose to remain closer (each group will be assessed according to their own situations);
  • all guests will be required to use hand sanitiser before eating / drinking;
  • all guests will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly before departing after the tour.

Anyone considering taking a tour is encouraged to give us a call if you have any specific concerns or queries.

Best way forward:

Grab a Gift Card! We know many people planned to come and support us after the bushfires and of course now we need you more than ever!! If you would still like to help us stay afloat till we get back on our feet, please consider buying a Gift Card. This helps us to maintain some cash flow through the winter months and hopefully see us back up and running as soon as the “coast is clear” (so to speak!).

You can easily purchase a Gift Card online here 🙂