Kayak Tours

We like to tailor Kiah Wilderness tours to suit you and your group.

Check out the array of tours available below. There is something for everybody. No experience necessary – but the experienced will not be disappointed.

Tour descriptions are fairly generalised – just ask if you have any queries. No question is too trivial! This is the best way to experience the beautiful Sapphire Coas

Call us on 0429 961047 or use our Contact form to discuss your  nature experience!


misty morning paddling


THE MORNING TOUR (our most popular tour)

Duration: 3-4 hours

  • Early start to see river at its best; relaxed pace – or faster pace (your choice);
  • Rest / toilet stops – no set route – it’s up to the group.
  • Paddle for 1-1 1/2 hours, stop for rest/drinks/food;
  • Have a swim if hot, skim stones if you want;
  • Return to starting point by 11am-11:30am.

Includes:  Delicious morning tea – plunge coffee, tea, or juice + muffin or fruit
Cost:        $110 per person (ages 8 years and over)

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FULL DAY TOUR (explore to the rivermouth and back)

Duration:  Full day (5-6 hours)
Tour length: approximately 19km

  • This tour is for experienced paddlers and NOT suitable for children under 15 years.
  • Can only happen if tides are in our favour, i.e. low at rivermouth mid-late morning, coming back in as we leave for home. We like to use the tide to help our paddlers;
  • Early start to see river at its best; relaxed pace – or faster pace (your choice);
  • Several rest / toilet stops – no set route – it’s up to the group. We stop whenever we need for whatever we want.
  • Paddle for 1-1 1/2 hours, stop for rest/drinks/food – it may take up to 3 hours to arrive at the rivermouth;
  • Paddling is more challenging as you near the mouth as there is usually an onshore breeze.
  • Have a rest, explore nearby Davidson’s Whaling Station, have a swim – or not. Big rest.
  • Back on the kayak, ride the incoming tide home with several rest spots.
  • Return to starting point by 3pm-4pm (approx.)
  • You’ll be pleasantly tired at the end of this tour. Dinner and drinks taste so good afterwards!

Includes:  Delicious morning tea + lunch, snacks, and plunge coffee, herbal tea, or juice
Cost:        $185 per person

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2 HOUR FAMILY TOUR (tailored to keep kids happy!)

Duration:   2 hours
Tour length: approximately 5-7km

  • Start around 8am while the river is calm.
  • Kids and parents/guardians receive tuition on how to paddle. Kids pick it up very quickly!
  • Double kayak only for parents with children 4 years-8 years of age. Kids over that can easily paddle their own – we can tow them while they learn if needed;
  • We go at the pace of the youngest independent paddler – some as young as 7 years;
  • Rest / toilet stops as needed; if youngest child is happy, the whole family is happy!
  • Paddle for an hour or so, stop for rest/drinks/food + swim + stone skimming + sandcastle construction….;
  • Snacks and drinks, then back home.
  • Return to starting point by 10:30am-11:00am.

Includes:   Snack and drink – plunge coffee, herbal tea, or juice
Cost:         $360 per family
This tour caters for families with youngest child minimum 4 years on a double kayak with an adult. Other adults and children aged minimum 8 years in single kayaks. Maximum number 5 (if you have others, give us a call 0429 961047 and we’ll sort it).

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SUNRISE BREKKY TOUR (a magical experience – the best time of day to explore the river’s beauty)

Duration:   2 – 2.5 hours
Tour length: approximately 7km

  • Arrive just before dawn. We try to get on the water before the sun rises over the river;
  • Paddle for about an hour, rest / toilet stop;
  • Have a quick swim if hot;
  • Return to starting point by 8am.
  • Delicious Breakfast served on grassy riverside.

Includes: Fresh filtered rain water and breakfast with plunge coffee/tea. Breakfast menu: juice, muesli (GF), berry compote, yoghurt, savoury muffin.
Cost:         $120 per person
It is truly wondrous to watch the sun rise over the tall eucalypts and slowly bathe the river in sunlight – brekky by the river after.

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All prices are in AUD and include G.S.T.

Where we are:  10 minutes south of Eden, 30 minutes south of Merimbula, 45 minutes south of Bega, 60 minutes north of Mallacoota (Vic). We’ll send you all the details when you confirm your booking 🙂

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