COVID-proofing the business

It has taken a while to get our heads around what the COVID-19 situation means to our business in terms of operations and personal safety. We did a lot of research to ensure we had the right information with a complete overhaul of our Safety Practices – as all businesses have done in 2020.

When we drilled down, it was all achievable and relatively straightforward including:

  • update cleaning regime for the entire operation;
  • ensure records are accurate and up-to-date;
  • provide washable face masks with sterile inserts for all guests;
  • ensure handwashing facilities are always available;
  • ensure social distancing takes place.

You just have to confront the challenge and think of solutions. All the basics are now sorted and we’ve registered with the NSW Government as a Covid-Safe business.

Avoid Covid hotspots. This area is not one!

First we looked at facts like:

  • we are committed to our COVID-Safe Plan. We are taking this situation seriously;
  • our relatively remote regional area has had no or few positive Covid cases (except for 3 visitors from Sydney);
  • our tours take place outdoors with minimal close contact required;
  • we can manage the cleaning and sanitising of everything the guest touches as well as providing ample hand sanitiser and/or handwashing facilities;
  • our new escape weekends are designed for small groups (either family or close friends);
  • all transactions can be contactless.

We’ve already practised all our operations and feel comfortable about slowly welcoming people back.

Covid-19 safe

Every cloud has one

Nobody could have known what 2020 would bring us. When the world’s worst bushfires actually pale into insignificance because of a pandemic, well you know it’s something to worry about. But once you get over the shock and understand you can’t change what’s happening, you see all the positives.

New ideas, new ways of communicating, new interests, new skills. Silver linings – the many opportunities that have come from lockdown and Covid. I hope we keep doing a lot of these things.

One thing I can’t handle right now is the fact our little grandsons are in Melbourne – and we can’t see them. We can FaceTime and Skype but it’s not the same. We need to hug them. And their parents. And our daughter and our nieces and nephews…..

So best news is this: it will end.

We will get through it, even if it takes another year. And we will appreciate all those special things in our lives so much more for having been through this nightmare.

Take care all. Wear a mask. Stay home for now until things settle. We can’t wait to see you all again – hopefully before Christmas!