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Guess what we saw on Saturday? Swimming kangaroos!

3 Eastern grey kangaroos hopped along the edge of the river and then decided it was time to cross.  2 hopped straight through the shallows and plunged into the deeper channel.

The third roo was hesitant but eventually joined its mates. None of us knew Kangaroo First Aid so were a bit worried when all we could see were 3 roo heads above the water!

All 3 emerged on the beach dripping wet, and coolly hopped away.

We had an interesting added bonus of a brief golf lesson from resident Richard while we had morning tea and waited for the tide to change.

On our return trip we had a great viewing of a cute little Sacred Kingfisher.  Lovely blue back, long strong beak and white breast, busily diving for dinner.

Great tour all round!

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