We’re bouncing back

We’ve had a pretty ordinary year so far. So things can only get better – right? Life has dealt us a few challenges but we feel like we’ve turned the corner. We’re now “pivoting” and a whole new world is opening up.

“Mum didn’t call me Pollyanna for nothing. Good things can happen after a disaster – we just had to be flexible and embrace the change….” [Jen Robb, KWT]

Winter is usually our quiet time for kayak tours, and this year will be no different. We get a few internationals – northern hemisphere folk who love our mild winters – but very few Aussies. The cooler months are giving us time to finish up the bushfire stuff. The new shed kit is being delivered this week and construction should happen very soon (cue Happy Dance lol). Then we can start testing our new Covid-conscious kayak tour operatons and be ready to welcome guests when it starts warming up.

Meanwhile – we’ve been working on some new ideas!

Imagine camping – in complete comfort – near a quiet river, with a bunch of friends. Picture this:

  • roomy tents and comfy beds with thick mattresses and cosy bedding (we even have hot water bottles);
  • no having to set up or pack up camp.
Just arrive and relax
  • hot showers in a made-for-purpose 2 room tent;
  • a roaring campfire;
  • sturdy, comfortable chairs with side tables and foot rests;
  • full breakfast provided
  • with a whole bunch of optional extras…..we’ll let you in on those secrets soon!
This is what we are thinking –

Our Light to Light Camps business had to close. The fires destroyed the walking track and National Parks won’t have it finished till 2022.

We already have a set of top quality camping gear that needs to be used in a new place. So why not our place? We have all the gear – and a level, grassy, private campsite to put it on.

Just to give you a taste of how it might be – well known Canberra photographer Tracy Lee was amongst a group of friends who camped at our place as soon as the restrictions were eased. This group has been before and we’ll probably see them again. We hope so – a great bunch who welcomed us into their campsite for drinks :).

Get a taste of how it is to escape at Kiah – Here’s a little snippet of life in our campsite 🙂

Yep – just a bunch of mates who LOVE camping, amazing real food, cold water swims, re-charging in nature and girl chat! [Tracy Lee, Photographer www.tracyleephotography.net  ]

Stay tuned – join us on our next journey…..

Want to know more? Feel free to call (0429 961047) or email: office@kiahwildernesstours.com.au to find out more or to go onto our mailing list.