How it starts

You’ve had a tour, fallen in love with kayaking and now you want to buy one!

Where do you start?

Good kayaks are not a cheap investment. Read on for some valuable tips in choosing the right craft for you.

Ask these questions first

  1. Who will be paddling this kayak? Consider the size, weight and strength of your paddler.
  2. How will you transport it? There are many ways to carry a kayak but consider its weight and length. Remember – you have to get it on and off the roof of a car. Some people use a small stool to help with this.
  3. Do you need wheels? We wouldn’t be without our sets of wheels – so much easier to pull the kayak in and out of water and along paths.
  4. What’s your budget? Poly kayaks range from about $400 – $1500 depending on the quality.
  5. Where will you mostly use it? Open water? A nice calm river or lake? Different kayaks are suited to different types of water.

Like most things – you get what you pay for.

We use Hobie Kayaks

We are Hobie kayak fans and have been for years. We use Sit-on-top style kayaks on the river and have paddled Hobie sea kayaks several times.

We had cheaper versions at first, but once we got on a Hobie, we were convinced. There was no comparison. These are the best we’ve ever tried.

Quality in every way including design, durability, comfort, stability and ease of use. They tick all the boxes and our guests often comment.

“This is so easy to paddle! And the comfortable seat is a winner.”

Keen to try kayaking? It’s easier than you’d believe and we are experienced teachers.

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Where to buy

Buy your kayaks at a kayak supply place – not at the large ‘camping and fishing’ type shops. They’re great for accessories – and you’ll end up buying plenty of them!

But when it comes to investing upwards of $500 on something it’s worth making sure you get the rght size, weight and shape for you – not some clunky generic piece of cheap plastic that will feel like paddling a bathtub.

We shop as locally as possible with our major supplier in Huskisson. There is also a Hobie outlet in Merimbula for all the other bits and pieces.

kayak girl
If you want any other tips, don’t hesitate to contact us! Always happy to help more people discover the wonders of kayaking.

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