The Silly Season is nigh….
Anyone living in our beautiful region is well aware of the increase in visitors from the end of December through till Easter. For us it’s the silly season gone crazy, for our visitors it’s their chance to experience our patch of paradise for a few precious days/weeks of the year. 

Season of Bounty – and not much rest!
Many of us work in businesses that support tourism – so post-Christmas is the season of bountyBut it’s also the season of more work, less sleep, endless visitors – friends and family from other (less beautiful!) places. It’s a season we love and look forward to, but we know we will all be exhausted come the end of January.

Special deal for locals – December only
Now is your chance to take time out, prepare for the madness, and hide away on a kayak on a pristine local estuary that so many of you are unaware exists.  
We are offering a great deal for anyone living in the following postcodes:  2546, 2548, 2549, 2550, 2551, 2632 and 3892 for tours during December only:

  • book a tour for 6 people, and pay for only 5
  • book a tour for 5 people, and pay for only 4 

Get a bunch of friends or workmates together and get on our kayaks. We’ll take you a world away from the stress and give you and your body time to relax before the rush.
Click here to book online.