It’s been a pretty cool winter with super cold mornings so the kayaks have been parked high and dry in the shed and we’ve been busy getting our terrestrial on. If we’re not on a kayak around here, we are often trudging through the bush getting amongst nature on land. After all, this coastal wilderness we live in is a nature wonderland and worthy of exploration.

We’ve lived here for ages – over 35 years – and have explored a fair section of this amazing coastline over the years. Just south of us – in Ben Boyd National Park – is a breathtaking shoreline of rugged red rock contrasting with the clear sapphire blue waters of the south east marine bioregion. It’s truly stunning to take in as the track takes you close to the edge in many areas.

Every keen walker should add this 31km trek, known as the Light to Light Walk, to the top of their list. This is unspoilt coastal wilderness – and it’s stunning.

“It’s a hike that is best taken slowly. There’s too much to see to rush this experience.” 

Most people walk it in 2 or 3 days. That means carrying your tent, sleeping gear, food, water…..or does it? Introducing Light to Light Camps – our newest nature tourism venture. Our Kiah Wilderness Tours customers have become used to 5 star treatment on the river. Well, we deliver the same level of care on our walking tour.

So. It’s straightforward. If you like to explore nature, if you don’t like to share the beach with anyone, if you like a bit of exercise in the great outdoors, book a tour. You will not be disappointed.

You walk with a small day pack. You arrive to a fully prepared 5 star camping experience like no other. Hot shower. Nibbles, drinks, delicious meal by the campfire. Healthy brekky before you wander off on your next day’s adventure. Relax again and sleep on super comfy memory foam mattresses, in fresh white percale sheets. This is camping for people who always say they hate camping. Try it. You don’t even have to get out of your comfort zone.