Teenage Siblings
We’ve been having a ball with family tours over the Christmas break. We just love to see the dynamics of a bunch of teenage siblings or cousins on the water. Everyone starts off being ‘nice’ and getting comfortable, and then the confidence builds slowly and within half an hour on the water, you can see it coming….

First, they start losing the ‘why did the oldies make us do this’ look and there’s a glimmer of a smile here and there. Then there’s a little bit of chat with the guide. Yeah I’m [insert age] in [insert school year]…..yeah I like cricket and footy. By the time they scoff their morning tea, the banter between them starts. And suddenly, it’s game on. First there’s the quick little splash. Some like the back flick style, others favour the full frontal paddle flick. This is often mixed with a bit of dodgem style paddling – let’s just see if we can get our brother/sister/cousin to fall off (it never happens – our kayaks are way too stable!).  

Let’s race – don’t cheat!
Before you know it, it’s all turned into a race. First to the next rock, first to the next beach, first past the post – but don’t you dare cheat or the youngest one will start: “that’s not fair” and “he/she cheated!” – but all this happens between splashes and laughs. And all rivalry is forgotten immediately after the finish line is reached. Or there is a new competition invented – who can skim a rock for the most bounces? Who can build the biggest sandcastle? 

Love and laughter
By the time the tour is over, everyone has declared themselves a winner of something. All think the others have cheated at some point and there are grins on every face; the youngest is a little tired (but won’t always admit it) and the parents are rapt that the kids have had a day out in the fresh air and will probably sleep well in camp tonight.

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