As Christmas and the end of 2016 draw closer, we would like to thank all of our wonderful customers and supporters for helping us to grow our little tour business into the success it is today. They do say ‘from little things, big things grow’ and nothing could be closer to the truth.  Just over 2 years ago, we took a leap of faith, and after 18 months of solid planning, researching, seeking advice and investing our meagre savings, we launched our little kayak tour business.

One of us – Arthur – had to keep working hard in his previous job so that the other – Jen – could walk away from her full-time position as a CEO and just keep at it with taking the odd booking, chasing any publicity she could, constantly seeking business advice, and learning the ins and outs of marketing. And, of course, guiding. Our customer numbers slowly built and after year #1 we had recouped our investment.  No income to speak of yet, but there seemed to be a glimmer of hope there!

Here we are, about to start our third year and suddenly we are flat out, booked almost solidly in December, expecting a lot of last minute bookings in January and taking full tours from visiting cruise ships.

Since we began, we have won Gold in the Ecotourism Category of the NSW South Coast Tourism Awards, sewn up contracts with all key cruiseship shore excursion agents, had our tours featured in a Small Business Commissioner film, hosted Tania Kernaghan and ‘Macca‘ from ‘What’s Up Down Under’ – and taken over 385 people for a tour of our beautiful river.

We’ve watched wallabies, roos and snakes cross the river, learnt where the kingfisher nests are and which trees the majestic sea eagles like to sit in – always watchful for their next feed.

We are now proud to announce the casual appointment of our first assistant – none other than local legend Madeline Newton, who achieved 2nd in NSW in Tourism Studies at TAFE in 2015.

Excitement is building quickly for our newest venture – Light to Light Camps – starting in February 2017 with our new business partner Jake Lynch.

White faced heron seen on Kiah Wilderness Tours So….thank you.  All of you.  For supporting our dream and sharing our journey.  We hope you continue to follow our progress – stay tuned – we’ve only just begun…..

Haven’t experienced our tour yet?  Book here and get on the water with us. No experience needed.  Just a sense of adventure and a love of nature.