One of our guests from the visiting cruise ship Pacific Jewel got more than he bargained for when he joined our kayak tour this week. Married for just under one year, David and his lovely wife – together with their fellow cruise passengers – enjoyed a splendid sunny day on the river with calm conditions.

When we stopped for our usual break, David didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity for a dip in the clear waters of our beautiful river. In he went – immediately breaking into a steady freestyle stroke as he powered into the deeper water. Only one problem – David’s wedding ring had always been a ‘bit loose’ – and he always intended to have it resized to suit.

Imagine our reaction – and that of his wife – when he surfaced and, in a relatively calm voice said:

“I’ve just lost my wedding ring in the river…..”

Picture this: the river is clear, the tide is rising and the ring has disappeared to the bottom in about 2 metres+ of water. On a sandy bottom that is of similar colour to gold. We are on a strict deadline to get these passengers back to town within a set period of time. David is trying not to act too concerned – but this was no ordinary ring. It was a wedding ring. They haven’t even had their 1st Anniversary yet….

Despite several attempts from all passengers and tour guides, we had to give up the search and head back. All passengers said they thoroughly enjoyed the tour and we dropped them back into town, feeling pretty despondent about what had happened. David was resigned to the fact that he was up for a new wedding ring…..

“There’s no way it will be found. It’s at the bottom of a river for goodness sake…..” 

But after clean up and a late lunch, Tour Guides Arthur and Jenny couldn’t help but feel that they should have just one last look. So off they went. Their tinny was out being used by visitors so it was back into the kayaks on a falling tide and a stiff breeze, armed with snorkels and masks.

Both guides hit the water, careful not to disturb the sand in the hope of a miracle. Unbelievably, within about 10 minutes Arthur gave a shout – and surfaced with a gold man’s wedding ring on his pinky.

A quick call into town to the Cruise Eden Co-Ordinator was met with a joyous response – and a plea to quickly get back to town so the ring could be despatched on the final tender to the cruise ship and returned to its owner.

We love creating memories for our guests. We reckon this one will remain with David and his wife for a long long time. And David – please have that ring resized a.s.a.p.!