When we got a call from Channel 9’s popular Getaway program asking if they could feature our tours, you can only imagine our reaction!

Thankfully the weather gods were smiling on us last week when we cruised down the river with the show’s star, the beautiful Sam McClymont (you might know Sam as part of country music band the McClymonts), followed closely by business partner (and husband) Arthur in our little tinny. On board were Gilly the camera man and his mate Gary the sound guy – both so professional and kind to we mere tour operators who weren’t sure about how it all works!

“The crew were patient and lovely – and we’re confident they’ll showcase our tours in the best possible way. Can’t wait to see the drone shots over the crystal clear waters of our beautiful river”, Jenny – Owner/Tour Operator

Producer Rochelle took to a kayak along with a few of our friends – and our eager apprentice Imogen – and easily guided us as to where to be, when to speak – and when not to speak (!). Gilly was able to put the drone up and video us from above as well as from the boat so we can showcase the beauty of the river and surrounds.

We’re so excited about seeing the show – at this stage we’re not sure when it will air, but we’ll be sure to shout it from the rooftops so all of you can see us in action!

It’s easy to book a tour online. Just visit the website and click on the Book Now button to see all the tour options available.