We’re fully vaccinated

We are lucky enough to be in the age group that can (relatively) safely accept an Astra Zeneco COVID-19 vaccine. So we did.

Both Arthur and I are now fully vaccinated and feeling very good about it.

Not everyone has been as lucky

On the other hand, we have many younger friends and family members who are not yet able to be vaccinated because they are in the younger age group and there is not enough supply of the Pfizer vaccine.

Vaccination image
covid passport

Our dilemma is this….

When lockdown is over, we hope to jump straight into offering tours again. But should we accept bookings from people who are unvaccinated?

How can we be fair to ALL our guests but also ensure the safety of ALL our guests. And our staff, and our small regional community?

We do get close….

The issue is this: we (our staff/ourselves) have to get closer than 1.5 metres to our guests to fit them with their PFDs (personal safety device) and to help them onto and off the kayaks.


Covid vaccine

The choices we have

We have two (2) choices:

  • only allow people who are fully vaccinated to book (okay we haven’t worked out how to do that yet!) OR
  • open up to everyone and hope we can keep everyone safe with our Covid Safe Plan.

“Our plan is solid and we are constantly reviewing it.” [Jenny Robb, KWT Owner/Operator]

Our Covid Safety Plan includes all this:

  • Everyone must wear masks (we supply 3 ply washable with filter).
  • We sanitise everything including everyone’s hands on arrival and our equipment.
  • We ask guests to drive themselves to the launch site.
  • We are outdoors in fresh air and there is plenty of space.
  • We keep 1.5m distance during the tour and morning tea.

So although we don’t feel we put our guests at risk, we may put ourselves / our staff at risk of picking up the virus and then transmitting it to others in our community if visitors are not immunised.

We ran a poll on Instagram

And the result was about 60% for Yes – we should only allow vaccinated guests.

BUT what about those who can’t have Astra Zeneca and haven’t been able to get Pfizer???

We only hope that by the time lockdowns lift and we can run tours again, anyone who wants to be vaccinated, is vaccinated.

And then, we feel we need to minimise risk and only offer tours to those who are ‘double jabbed’.

#bloodycovid !!

Stay with us folks. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s safe for us to welcome you back.