2020 – is the worst over now?

So it’s now 2021. 2020 is done and dusted. What a roller coaster ride. I’ve always loved a theme park and an adrenalin rush but seriously? You literally couldn’t have made all this up!

We can never forget the bad things that happened last year. The fires, three floods that prevented us running tours, then Covid-19. We’ve been so busy just getting on top of all that, that we had no time to moan about it. Just keeping up took every ounce of energy.

Go home, come back, don’t come, please come. Talk about mixed messages!

As tour operators, we try to see things through our customer’s eyes. How do we resurrect any good reputation we had as a great destination if we confuse our visitors and make it difficult for them to visit.

During the fires, we said firmly “go home. We will struggle to protect our homes and resources will be stretched”. And so they went home. In panicked droves.

Over a month later we said “please come back. We’re ready – the fires are out“. And only weeks after that, we said “please go home/don’t come – we don’t want the virus“.

Turning Point #1

Victoria did the hard lockdown, everyone else was pretty careful. NSW residents were restricted to holidaying in their own state. And Sydney and surrounds found us.

They finally drove past Batemans Bay. Winter and Spring were busier than ever before. COVID changed everything. Christmas holidays 2020 were booked out and all the local businesses were gearing up for our biggest summer season ever.

We all cheered. We said “welcome back. We’ve missed you. Let’s celebrate the new year together”.

Turning Point #2

Mid afternoon NYE. Our Vic visitors hear the order: “you have to go home. Again. Just like last year. And you have to go now.”

Family gatherings shattered, yet another panicked mass exodus.

Shops full of too much stock, accommodation places dealing with upset customers wanting discounts, tours cancelled, campsites empty.

A region in shock. Again. Yet another challenging test of our resilience and resolve.

Where to from here?

Well, we’re still here. We’re not going anywhere. The river is still here. The beauty is still here.

We’ll just welcome visitors from the local area and within our own state until this Covid situation settles – again.

Tours can be booked online – just go to the Book Now button and it’s all straightforward.

Keep smiling Australia. We’ve got this. We just have to be patient and kind to ourselves. Thank you – all of you – for your support.