I don’t know about you, but when we venture off to far flung places around the world, we usually acquire a Lonely Planet guide well beforehand and do a bit of homework on what to expect.

So we were pretty thrilled to receive notification from the Lonely Planet crew to tell us that Kiah Wilderness Tours is in the 2018 Australia edition of the Guide.

We’re keen to hear how your travels have been enhanced by some info. found in your LP guide – we’ve certainly had our fair share of fun with them:

  • like trying to find out how to access the Whaligoe Steps in Scotland – the ladies in the visitor centre wouldn’t give us directions because there are no safety rails on the steep steps. But our handy LP guide told us how to find them, no worries;
  • like when we were heading over to South America to see jaguars in the Pantanal wetlands in Brazil and LP told us we really ought to also visit a wonderful place called Bonito. Had never heard of the place before but took their advice and discovered the ecotourism capital of Brazil and a myriad if amazing and unique experiences. (You can read more about wonderful places to go in Brazil in this blog we just found by Jen Reviews)
  • like adding a few days on the Orkney Islands to our trip to Scotland. Wow. History older than the pyramids. Who knew? Lonely Planet did.

Whatever you do, wherever you roam, grab a copy of your Lonely Planet Guide and make sure you don’t miss the hidden gems they know about.

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