The river we take our tours on is a lovely calm estuary that offers few challenges for the experienced kayaker – and is a great waterway to learn to paddle on. So why would you bother (and pay) for a tour with us when you can just grab a kayak and launch it from the nearby public access point? Good question.

We thought we’d use this post to shout out about the comments made in our reviews about our knowledge of the river, the region, the wildlife and birdlife etc. – and yes there are plenty of those in our 77 Trip Advisor reviews but we’re not at all sure about the fact that many of our reviews focus on….morning tea! We’re not sure if we should be flattered – or flattened. Morning tea? Really?

So – forgetting warm scented towels, plunge coffee and home-cooked muffins for just a second – these are the reasons we think you should take a tour with us rather than hitting the water on your own:

We know the river. Intimately. It flows past our door and we’ve been on it – or in it – for over 20 years now. We know its tidal movements and how long the tide takes to push upriver; we know the deep bits and where the shallows are – and how to get a kayak to float through them without having to get out and pull. We know where the bream are, where the flathead lie, where the kingfishers nest, where the sea eagles like to sit and watch from high above. We know where the hidden snags are. We know where the waterdragons hide, where the best swimming spots are and where to find the best stones for skimming across the water. And we make sure you take home unforgettable memories of an experience like no other.

Let us take you on the tour of a lifetime. You won’t forget it. And you may well come back for more. Plenty of our guests have. Because paddling with us is unlike any trip you’ll take on your own.

Book a tour today – you won’t regret it.