We are sometimes asked why we don’t run tours after lunch. NB: the guy in the main image is in less danger than on a dry but windy afternoon – read on

  • The decision to only run tours in the morning was made for us by nature and our local weather systems. We’ve been in this business for nearly six years and we’ve learnt a lot in that time.
  • We know the local conditions. For about 10 out of 12 months of the year, the wind tends to increase in strength late morning and into the mid-late afternoon.
  • And paddling in wind is annoying at best – and dangerous at worst.

But it’s summer and warm….

For us, safety has to be #1 and the temperature is only one part of it. We have to assume that every person on our tours can’t swim and can’t paddle well.

We consider many factors before going ahead with every tour – ALL of these factors matter:

  • forecast wind strength and direction;
  • managing unexpected weather changes during the tour;
  • air and water temperature, tide, rainfall predictions;
  • size of group, average age of group;
  • initial assessment of fitness and level of ability of guests.


Child safety is our #1 priority

Kids just LOVE kayaking. Our Family Tour caters for families with kids as young as 4 years, and we’ve taught many little 7-8 year olds to paddle a single kayak.

We encourage them and they gain confidence. They are fitted with a Level 100 child’s life jacket and supervised closely at all times.

But it can still be risky if the wind picks up.

kayak girl

Kids, novice paddlers – even relatively fit young people – all find it challenging to keep a kayak on track in a strong wind.

windy day

Local knowledge

Wind can strengthen and change direction very suddenly. During summer, when our tours are in most demand, there is a pattern of calm mornings and wind strengthening about lunchtime. And sometimes it blows hard all afternoon, only to settle overnight again.

That’s why we always want to go early – we know it’s just magic and calm on the river as the sun comes up.

Our tours are all about having fun, enjoying nature, cruising at your own pace.

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Covid-safe practices and social distancing is part of the experience!